General Public

Competitive prices, certified scales and fast turn-around times

Everyone can play a vital role in preserving our environment by recycling. Each day, the general public and small recyclers transport scrap metals to our recycling facility. Our friendly staff is ready to assist in weighing, grading, unloading, and paying you for that scrap. And, of course, ensuring your customer experience is nothing less of excellent.

We appreciate every customer whether big or small. This is why we offer a Customer Rewards Program to reward our general public and small recyclers for their loyalty and contributions to maintaining a clean and beautiful environment.

Our facilities are clean, organized, and safe. When you enter the facility, all of the scrap is segregated into bins based on commodity and grade. These bins are clearly labeled to make it easy to find the right destination for your scrap. Our staff will assist you, grade your load, and give you an inspection ticket/weight ticket so that you can quickly move in and out of the facility and get paid.

Our scales are certified and calibrated on a regular program in compliance with the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s Weights and Measures Department. All of our tickets are electronically generated and printed. We do not hand-write any tickets, weights, or receipts – ensuring that the weights you see are accurate.

DIMCO GGR is a proud participant in various community organizations and events and has a long-standing, proven commitment to safety and environmental protection.

General Public FAQ’s:

1. Do you recycle appliances that contain Freon?

Answer:  Yes.  We will recycle Freon-containing appliances.  There is a $5 fee per appliance.  However, we ensure the Freon is vacuumed out and recycled prior to recycling the appliance itself, per EPA regulations.  The person bringing in the appliance(s) that once contained Freon will need to sign a form verifying how the Freon was evacuated, or if it leaked out over time.

2. Do you buy junk cars?

Yes! We buy cars as long as you have a clear title. We do not buy cars without titles. That includes cars that are cut in half without a title. We have multiple prices depending on whether the car has fluids and Freon in it, has a motor, or is drained of all fluids and Freon.

3. Do you pick up junk cars?

We have special rates with local towing companies and can arrange for this. Call us today!

4. Do I get a bonus for certain amounts of scrap?

Yes! For non-ferrous (non-magnetic) scrap, customers receive these bonuses based on the amount of weight in pounds.

Amount of Scrap Bonus Per Pound
100-199 pounds 1 cent bonus
200-299 pounds 2 cent bonus
300-399 pounds 3 cent bonus
400-499 pounds 4 cent bonus
500+ pounds 5 cent bonus
For Ferrous (magnetic) scrap, customers receive these bonuses based on the amount of weight in pounds:
Amount of Scrap Bonus Per Net Ton
2000-3999 pounds $3 per Net Ton
4000 pounds or more $5 per Net Ton

5. Is there a minimum amount I need to get paid?

No. We will buy any amount of scrap.

6. Do you pay cash?

We pay cash up to $100 per transaction. By law, transactions over $100 require a check.

7. I have multiple grades of scrap, do I have to separate them?

No. We will pay you a fair price for a mixed load. Or, you can separate them and we will pay itemized prices by each grade of scrap.

8.  Do I need a state-issued Driver’s License or State ID Card in order to sell scrap to you?

Yes, all transactions from the general public require a Driver’s License or State ID, and we do scan it and keep it on file for future visits.