Businesses – Industrial, Commercial, Manufacturing

Professional customer service and fair and transparent pricing

When you choose to partner with DIMCO GGR LLC, we provide a dedicated team of professionals to develop a program specific to your needs. Our goal is to make doing business easy, which means we will handle every aspect of your scrap recycling program.

Our group provides an assessment of your scrap generating processes, logistics within your plant, transportation to and from your plant, on-site equipment needs, administrative requirements, and any recycling guidance and training your staff may want. This ensures that the partnership includes our full understanding of what you do, how you do it, and how we can best assist you.

Environmental correctness is part of our culture and we are adamant about partnering with businesses that share this feeling. We consistently meet and exceed environmental regulatory requirements. We ensure proper storage, handling, profiling, and segregation of materials in order to maintain environmentally friendly processes.

Our industrial scrap suppliers include a wide range of businesses from automotive, railcar, and equipment manufacturing, to parts manufacturers such as forges and fabricators, to contractors, demolition groups, and construction, and finally utilities and electronics companies. No matter how large or small, DIMCO GGR LLC is ready to help.

Our on-site equipment capabilities include lugger boxes, roll-off boxes, totes, dump hoppers, gaylords, skids, and more. The equipment we provide is always properly cared for, labeled, and painted.